Breathe It In…

March 28, 2010 at 7:52 pm (Ramblinz) (, , , )

There are times in our lives where we stop. And we breathe it in. These are the times that we acknowledge where we are and what it is that we have accomplished, or quite frankly, how we got here. It is in the moments that we live, it is in the smoke that we inhale, it is in each joke made by someone close to you. These seconds of realizing that you are alive, they make or they break you.

The journey of life was never designed to be a smooth road to walk down, but there are times where we all think: does it have to be this rocky? But if it weren’t for those rocky parts in the tar… how would we recognize the smooth and appreciate it? The pain, the hurt, the suffering and everything that comes along with it, are all part of our learning and growing process. How else would the child have learnt not to touch the oven plate?

How many times do we stop and just take a deep breath in and remember that it is a miracle that we are still alive? We have survived, we are here, living. Have we ever been thankful for a power failure so that we can remember how it was before man started conquering his own mind? To sit in the dark by a fire, to truly cut away from everything that we have brought upon ourselves…. that is when we realize that all we have to do, ALL that we have to do, is to survive.

Every moment that we are breathing, we are creating memories. Building future reminiscents to be retold. The life we live today will be an imprint engraved tomorrow. Towards the end of your road, would you like to have happy stories to tell curious children? Or would you only be able to remember the strive, the rat race?
To see the world! To learn new cultures! To embrace the gift of life as we hold it! Those are the stories they want to be heard…. those are the stories that you would want to remember.

Breathe. Absorb. Appreciate and realize that it is a gift… and we dont know when our road ends. Accept their will be forks in the road where tough decisions must be made, but we are never faced with something that we can not handle. ANYTHING is possible. And by anything, i mean everything.


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Style Her Like Who Now?!

January 6, 2010 at 8:24 pm (Ramblinz) (, , , , , , , )

I just watched a program called ‘Style Her Famous’. Everyone loves make-over shows. But what bothered me about this one, was that the girl – who honestly looked like an awesome chick, had no confidence¬† because she was unique. She didn’t follow the sheep of the world and dress like everybody else, and she felt intimidated by these look-a-likes. The sheep should be intimidated by her.

Society and media influence the young girls of today a lot more than people are aware of. Unrealistic expectations are set on how thin you should be, or how tanned you should be, ‘because only then will you be truly perfect’. It is a bunch of rubbish. What teenagers aren’t aware of, is that every photo they see in a magazine of celebrities, every single photo, every poster is edited to take away any faults and to make them this idea of perfect. And people wonder where insecurities come from?!

I believe that everyone should be who they are meant to be and not try to be like the next person in any way. Otherwise wouldn’t we all be a bunch of know-nothing clones? I agree that you do whatever you want to make yourself feel confident, but has confidence become based on what other people think or judge you by?

It’s called individuality for a reason. Walk to the beat of your own drum.

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