Breathe It In…

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There are times in our lives where we stop. And we breathe it in. These are the times that we acknowledge where we are and what it is that we have accomplished, or quite frankly, how we got here. It is in the moments that we live, it is in the smoke that we inhale, it is in each joke made by someone close to you. These seconds of realizing that you are alive, they make or they break you.

The journey of life was never designed to be a smooth road to walk down, but there are times where we all think: does it have to be this rocky? But if it weren’t for those rocky parts in the tar… how would we recognize the smooth and appreciate it? The pain, the hurt, the suffering and everything that comes along with it, are all part of our learning and growing process. How else would the child have learnt not to touch the oven plate?

How many times do we stop and just take a deep breath in and remember that it is a miracle that we are still alive? We have survived, we are here, living. Have we ever been thankful for a power failure so that we can remember how it was before man started conquering his own mind? To sit in the dark by a fire, to truly cut away from everything that we have brought upon ourselves…. that is when we realize that all we have to do, ALL that we have to do, is to survive.

Every moment that we are breathing, we are creating memories. Building future reminiscents to be retold. The life we live today will be an imprint engraved tomorrow. Towards the end of your road, would you like to have happy stories to tell curious children? Or would you only be able to remember the strive, the rat race?
To see the world! To learn new cultures! To embrace the gift of life as we hold it! Those are the stories they want to be heard…. those are the stories that you would want to remember.

Breathe. Absorb. Appreciate and realize that it is a gift… and we dont know when our road ends. Accept their will be forks in the road where tough decisions must be made, but we are never faced with something that we can not handle. ANYTHING is possible. And by anything, i mean everything.


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Window to the World

January 26, 2010 at 7:29 pm (Interweb, Ramblinz, Web Design) (, , , , , , , , , )

Technology grows at a rapid rate on a daily basis. Any body that works with computers primarily, knows that the learning never stops. The internet never switches off.

The internet has changed everything. We can now get any information at the click of a mouse (the hardware, not a real mouse). Anything we want to know is really at the tip of our fingers, its actually hard to imagine how research was done in the old days, you know, library card and all…

But things aren’t slowing down. Nope. Traditional marketing, such as television advertisements, billboards, flyers, magazine ads, all these things are becoming irrelevant. Big companies are throwing most of their budget into online advertising. I mean, why not? It’s cheaper and your target market is, well, the whole world… and don’t be scared of that, because it so easy to target your market by location, interests… who would say no to that?

Online marketing includes email campaigns, advertising on websites, and making sure your website is at its best. After all, it is essentially your home on the web. Successful business create online presences, they are actively involved with the people; seeing what they want, giving them what they want. The best kind advertising is free… Social Networking.

Social networking has become the way of the web. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs to name a few. On 25 December 2009, Facebook had more hits than Google. Facebook, a social network,  is on the same level as Google, the world’s favourite search engine. Search engines are now starting to pick up Twitter updates and Facebook statuses in search results. One in five tweets are brand related… and here i thought Twitter was for narcissistic people sharing what they ate for breakfast.

People want to be involved, they want to express themselves, essentially, everyone has become a journalist.  People want to connect with people of similar interest, and it has become so easy.

Some scary stats for you quick :

  • 1993 : 50 Websites
  • 2008 : 25 Billion Websites (1 trillion pages, 4 million new websites per month)

We, as internet users, make 100 billion clicks per day and we send 2 million emails every second. Do you want to know how old the internet is? 5000 days old. How scary is that?

The web is literally, your window to the world… and it just gets better and better from here. Keep your eyes open and your mouse ready, you don’t want to miss a thing!

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