Awesome Design Capsule

January 5, 2010 at 2:00 pm (Creativity) (, , , , )

What inspires you? What inspires you today?

I see posts everyday that inspire me, to design, to create, to live… so i’ve put together my design capsule. I’m sure you’ve seen some or other movie where something is kept secret only to be opened in 10 years, this is sort of like that, but erm, not secret and can be viewed whenever (because i am posting it on my blog), so i guess it isn’t sort of like that… Anyways, here is what i have put in my design capsule of things that inspire me today…

Design Capsule Ok so firstly, a cd cover. I have to say that my favourite band has to be flyleaf, i’m always listening to them and i never get bored, and i love the artwork on the cover.

Next is a picture of a cocktail, i’ve found this recipe and i’m dying to try it out, it’s called a ‘Toblerone’. I’ve posted the recipe you can find that here.

30 Seconds is in my time-design capsule because we always play it with friends, and it remains a fun game!

The black and white photo is the Marilee Flyers in Monte Carlo in 1978. My parents are 3rd and 4th from the left. I love this photo and my parents have inspired me my whole life. So that obviously has to go in there.

I have a image of different types of cogs, i found it on the interweb and i thought it was super cool.

Also, i had to save a font, BN internet is what i would save, i think it is an awesome font. I have a thing for collecting fonts, and wouldn’t like to lose this one…

Lastly is a picture of the Acropolis in Athens. I want to go there at the end of the year or next year. I love the history, mythology and literature that comes from Greece,  so it makes sense to visit and to do the tourist thing.

So that is what i’d put in… what would you put in your time-design capsule? What inspires you?


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Hi, i’m Fido

August 11, 2009 at 8:17 pm (Creativity) (, , , )

Hey hey!
So what do you look forward to when you get home? For me, its opening the front door, to be overwhelmed by two jumping, overexcited, overwhelming jack russels. It doesn’t matter how long a day may have been, when i see my angels, it’s all ok.

My angels. They aren’t just pets to me, and to millions of people around the world. They aren’t just our protection. They are our family, and in most cases, our children and will recieve child-like attention. The clothes for Winter, even though we know they have fur to keep them warm; the cooking chicken for them, even though it would probably be easier to just give them a can of dog food, letting them sleep on the bed and the many, many nicknames they acquire.

But what do you think your pet would call you?

Okay, so i can’t ask you and not give some answers myself… i know that would be cheating… i think that some of my nicknames would include ‘miss sleepalot’ [i’m always the one to have afternoon naps on weekends], ‘tasty eyes’ [the oldest pup loves licking my eyes], ‘softy’ [self-explanatory] and ‘tasty toes’ [again, the oldest pup loves biting my toes, especially with certain shoes on??]…

Anyways, the point of this post is i want to know what your answers would be! So comment!

(please take note this idea didn’t come from my head! this is an exercise from a totally awesome book called Caffeine for the Creative Mind)

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