Where did time go?!

September 2, 2009 at 5:05 pm (Ramblinz) (, , )

Is it just me or is the world actually moving at a quicker speed? Who is keeping track that it still takes 365 days for Earth to orbit the Sun? I mean, we’re already in Spring again, is that right?

It’s so scary that one year ago i was on a different piece of land. I’m waking up on monday’s thinking ‘oh poo! a whole new week to get through’. I go to work, i come home, sleep and wake up by friday. It really is a case of blink and you’ll miss it.

We’re brought up to prepare for the future. Save the money you earn. Think about buying a house, a car and all the things that go with being a grown up. But have we entered an age where nobody thinks about today? What greatness did you accomplish today? What awesome thing rocked your world, even for 5 minutes, today? Did you make any effort to actually enjoy your day?

We can’t be happy if we don’t make ourselves happy. A smoker won’t stop unless he/she wants to stop. Goals will not be accomplished if the actions aren’t taken to get the ball in the net. Are you a do-er? Or are you a watcher that expects things to fall into place and complain and wake up one day and realize that 10 years has gone by and you didn’t even see it?

Life is short. And the expiry date goes unknown. So try to make everyday that bit awesomer. Yes, that is a word now. Its only you that can benefit, right? Enjoy the small things, if you don’t like how birds sound, go check the rainbow out! Whatever floats your boat!

But don’t blink and miss everything. I know it’s a cleche, but live life to its fullest! You have nothing to lose…


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